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  • What’s a title search?
In preparation for closing I will perform a title search.  The nature of that search may take one of two forms, depending upon whether or not the title has previously been insured.  If the title has not been previously insured, a search of the public records for a period of time satisfactory to the title insurance company will be required.  If the title has previously been insured, we can obtain affirmative coverage for you and your lender by having the title inspected from the effective date of that coverage to the present.  Therefore, absent your objection, we will determine if title insurance coverage exists on the property and if so, I will examine the public records from the date of that coverage.  This procedure will enable us to keep your costs to a minimum while, at the same time, providing full title insurance coverage for you and satisfying your lender’s requirements.

  • What’s your title examination fee for a purchase?
$595 (This is a flat fee, which includes the attorney fee.)
  • What’s your title examination fee for a refinance?
$495 (This is a flat fee, which includes the attorney fee.)
  • Are there any other fees to expect other than the title examination fee?
Some other typical costs you might incur include: courier fee, wire fee, survey costs, appraisal fees, title insurance premium, recording fees, loan fees and escrow.
  • In addition to the title search, will there be any other services provided by your office?
Most closings do not require any work beyond the title search and the loan document preparation; however, in the event you require representation prior to closing or additional work becomes necessary such as the drafting of an escrow agreement, and encroachment agreement or other additional documentation, a separate fee will be charged in accordance with the nature and complexity of the work involved. 

                                                FEE SCHEDULE

 Purchase involving a Lender
 Cash Purchase
 Construction loan
 Equity Line- stand alone
 Equity Line closed with a first mortgage 
 Commercial Purchase or Refinance 
      TBD after consult
 Foreclosure or shortsale 
 Seller document preparation 
 Deed preparation
 Deed of Release preparation
 Specific Power of Attorney
 Freetrader Agreement
 Deed of Trust/Promissory Note Preparation 
 Subordination Agreement
      $175 (add $25 is Subst. of                            Trustee is needed)
 Escrow Agreement
      $250 and up
 LLC Formation 
 Corporation Formation 
 Attorney hourly rate (ie. Contract Review,   Consultations, Letters,etc.)

 **All prices do not include registration or filing/recording fees. 


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